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Vendor Transition Instructions

In October 2019, Will Energy Corporation (“WEC”) closed the sale of its oil and natural gas assets to Contango Resources, Inc (“Contango”), a subsidiary of Contango Oil & Gas Company. These assets transferred to Contango effective July 1, 2019. Effective immediately, all invoices and JIB matters for any previous Will Energy properties must now be directed to Contango Resources, Inc. Vendors, please see the letter below for additional instructions and contact information.

1099 Information

1099 Misc forms will be issued and mailed in accordance with IRS rules.

W-9 Forms

Federal law requires us to have a valid federal tax ID number for reporting any payments made to you. If we do not have a valid tax ID for you, please download the W-9 form below, fill it in, and send it to us at For individuals, a valid tax ID number is your social security number. If you have questions about this form or why we need this information, please contact us.

For vendor inquiries or questions about 1099 forms, please contact


12377 Merit Dr. #450, Dallas, TX 75251