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An Independent Conventional Producer

Will Energy has grown through a series of acquisitions to become an increasingly large producer of oil and natural gas. We have continued to leverage our growing footprint to achieve economies of scale and operating efficiencies.

Cost-Effective Operations

Our portfolio of assets is centered around low-cost, producing conventional wells with a long-life proven reserve base. Our focus on maximizing production and realizing cost savings through preventative maintenance means that our assets should continue to consistently produce for years to come.


Low-Risk, Low-Cost, Long-Life

Our asset base is made up almost entirely of conventional oil and gas producing wells. These are shallow, vertical wells drilled into productive reservoirs in Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Texas.

Our wells show low decline rates, resulting in well lives as long as 50 years. These mature wells benefit from simple and low-cost maintenance operations and require low ongoing capital expenditures.

Smarter Well Management

WEC’s field personnel and leadership team have a proven track record of efficient well management, including assessment of well-level issues and upside opportunities for our mature, conventional oil and gas assets. The leadership team and field personnel work hand-in-hand to evaluate these opportunities on a well-by-well basis.


WEC has amassed a large acreage position across the portfolio, with the ability for infill drilling. WEC targets conventional PDP assets with a high percentage held by production, which enables the company to retain potential upside of low-cost drilling projects.


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